Prior Giving Years

2011 Giving Year Theme: Improving Access to Mental Health
Grant Winner: Child and Family Services

2011 marked our inaugural giving year.  What a wonderfully successful year it was!  Over 130 members came together to donate more than $33,300 to Child and Family Services.  
Below is a summary from Child and Family S
ervices of New Hampshire about the work they are doing with the grant from healthcareGIVES in 2011.

Through the agency's Street Outreach program, a street canvassing effort that  fulfills basic needs for food, survival aid and emergency shelter, the grant funded a street-Based clinician who delivers mobile mental health care and access to substance use assessment and treatment for youth who do not engage with traditional providers due to practical barriers that include transportation, bureaucracy, and lack of insurance.
"Greater than 60 percent of the homeless youth we encounter on the streets require crises response or counseling services” says Michael Ostrowski, president and CEO of Child and Family Services, “and less than 10 percent are able to obtain care.  Funding from Healthcare GIVES makes it possible for more of our youth to benefit from vital mental health services.”  

Patrick McGuiness, MA Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, has been delivering this innovative program since March, 2012. 

2012 Giving Year Theme: Healthy Lifestyles
Grant Winner:  New Heights Adventure Center for Teens

2013 Giving Year Theme: Elder Care
Grant Winner: Families First

We finished the 2013 donation with a total grant of $35,000 going to Families First  to help with mobile healthcare need for elders living on the Seacoast.  Below is an update on the way the organization is using their funding for the 2013 giving year:

  • An elderly gentleman who hasn't seen a primary care doctor in over 10 years and onto the van recently. This patient was diagnosed with several chronic conditions years ago; however he stopped taking medications when he lost his insurance and was discharged from his previous doctor's practice. Our nurse practitioner was able to start this patient back on the medications he needed and he will continue to see us for follow up.
  • An elderly woman came to see us who had several health concerns, but didn't know where to go for primary care.  We connected this woman with our women's health nurse practitioner at Families First for a complete physical, and she has come back to the mobile van several times for ongoing primary care needs. This patient was also referred to an ophthalmologist for an eye exam.

Often times we see residents who already have their own medical provider, but they have unmet needs.

  • An elderly man came on to the van recently saying he hadn’t been to a dentist in several decades due to cost. We assisted him in accessing dental services at the health center, including a cleaning and an exam at a reduced rate based on his income.
  • Another senior has his own primary care provider but needed help with resources. His Medicare plan did not have vision coverage. We assisted him in filling out the Lion’s club application (the writing was too small for him to read) and within a few weeks he stopped by the van to show off his new glasses, and referred some of his neighbors for free eye exams.
  • Another elderly resident who already has her own primary care provider came to us looking for mental health services. We were able to connect her with a therapist and then a few weeks later she returned, looking for referrals to support groups, which we were able to provide.